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30 Ways to Lift Your Mood

30 ways to lift your mood.


We all have bad days, bad moments and bad moods.

No one wakes up every morning in the "best mood ever" ready for the "best day ever". I do believe in trying to find the light in every situation but sometimes, you just need to feel. If you're angry, frustrated or sad and nothing is helping then just feel that feeling for a moment. We are human not robots, we aren't perfect and we are supposed to feel emotions. Since this is a universal thing that we all experience, I put together a list of 30 things I like to do to lift my mood that might give you a boost.

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Let's get into it!


1.) Fresh air. Open a window if you can't get outside for a while.

2.) Talk to someone! Family or friends. You'll be surprised as to how much this helps.

3.) Make a bev. By bev I mean beverage. By beverage I mean coffee. Coffee is everything.

4.) Pet your fur baby. If you don’t have one, get one. If you can't get one, go to the SPCA or a cat café if you're lucky enough be near one.

5.) Rearrange your furniture.

6.) Cook/bake something new.

7.) Watch your all-time favorite Disney movie.

8.) Play your music LOUD and have your own personal dance party. EXTREMELY therapeutic.

9.) Splurge on something you've had your eye on for a while.

10.) Clean or organize mindlessly.

11.) Cry. Seriously just have a good cry until you get it all out. Then do something else on this list.

12.) Shut off your phone for longer than an hour.

13.) Research and plan a new goal.

14.) Clean out one specific drawer in your room/house.

15.) Try out a new café.

16.) Take a hot bath with bubbles, candles, and salts. Chill.

17.) Grab a journal/piece of paper and start writing. Doesn't matter what.

18.) Lay on your back on the kitchen floor. Breathe and feel yourself sink down. Sounds weird but it's amazing (doesn't have to be the kitchen).

19.) Go for a really long walk. If it's too cold, bundle up!

20.) If you're feeling reckless, make an appointment for the hair change/piercing/tattoo you've been dying to get.

21.) Start planning your next get-away trip.

22.) Buy yourself a plant, name it, talk to it, and get obsessed with taking care of it.

23.) Handwash your car.

24.) Add something to your dream board.

25.) If you don't understand #24 watch this and make a freakin' dream board.

26.) Take a nap (you probably need one).

27.) Listen to a feel-good podcast.

28.) Paint your nails a vibrant color or go get them did.

29.) Write down a gratitude list.

30.) Know that this is temporary.

I hope at least a few of these will help get you going again, and remember that tomorrow is a new and brighter day. You control your mindset, you control your life! Lots of love. xx


Leave me some of your ideas below, I would love to hear them.




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