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My Health Journey:


I developed a passion for health once I decided to go vegan in order to cure constant stomach pains and feeling uncomfortable with myself for so many years. I never knew it was possible to feel this good!


Growing up I was a fairly healthy kid. I began to experience stomach pains daily and never knew how to get rid of them. It felt like after every time I ate anything at all, I would get this horrible pain in my stomach. It was awful but I dealt with it. I got all kinds of tests done, as I was wondering what I was allergic too. Apparently, I wasn't allergic to anything at all, so I figured this was just the way it was going to be.


After living this way for years, I started to learn a lot about veganism. I was already vegetarian, as 13-year old me never enjoyed the taste or texture of meat, so the switch was pretty easy. Once I managed to cut out everything dairy (cheese being the hardest, of course) life got a lot more exciting.


I slowly began to feel incredible… like incredible! The fog in my mind began to clear, my acne disappeared within days, and most importantly my stomach pains vanished! I was amazed! I instantly knew that I had found the best thing for my health. Veganism.


Wholesome, plant-based food including vegetables of all sorts, fruits of all sorts, legumes, beans, and grains here and there is basically what I ate and still do. I began to experiment with cooking/baking using all of these amazing REAL foods and I began to absolutely love it.


You never know how amazing you can feel until you give up the foods that your body rejects and you don't even know it. We are taught that meat, cheese, dairy, milk, and eggs are good for us… I could argue that! I have never felt more alive and I plan to live this way for the rest of my life.


Personal Background:


I began this website during the summer of my first year of University in Vancouver BC. I am originally from Fort Saskatchewan, AB. I moved to Vancouver to attend school as a dance major. I absolutely love dance (ballet & contemporary specifically) and hope to continue with training and performing for as long as I can.


I have a wonderful boyfriend of 4 years, Patrick, who has helped me make this website come to life! He helps me explore my passions within fitness, health, veganism, lifestyle and everything else that I aspire to pursue. I cannot thank him enough!


I currently live with my best friend Ashley which is a complete dream come true as she shares a strong foodie passion as well! We create some amazing things in this kitchen! She is also one of the biggest inspirations to me, especially when I was first transitioning to the vegan lifestyle!


I am still studying/training, on the side I work at a local Daycare center as I love children and being around their positive energy and imagination keeps me inspired & full of life. I also create YouTube Videos twice a week that include vlogs, recipe videos, challenges, and I show you the more personal side of my life there.


I am a true believer that once you find the connection within yourself on how to better your health, everything begins to fall into place. I hope to inspire you to fuel your body with nutrients and real foods to allow you to get a better focus on what you truly want in life in terms of health. I hope to help you discover self-love, beauty from the inside out, your passions, & motivate you to succeed in whatever success means for you.



Much love,





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