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Health & Fitness Holiday Gift Guide 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Find the best gifts this season with my Health & Fitness Holiday Gift Guide 2017 for the health & fitness junkies in your life!


Scroll to the bottom for Health & Fitness MUST HAVE stocking stuffers!!!



It is my absolute favorite time of year! I am one to believe that spending quality time with someone is the best gift of all.


It is also nice to wake up on Christmas morning with that one special present underneath the tree that someone you love is going to LOVE! It's a great feeling finding the perfect gift for someone and I am here to help you find it!


All purchases on this site go through Amazon (I buy all of my gifts from them, they deliver SO fast) and the prices range throughout the guide. There are perfect gifts set for ALL BUDGETS! Let's get started!




Fitbit Charge 2


I received the regular Fitbit during Christmas 2015 and I am still wearing it today. I also got my mom one last Christmas and she is still wearing it! It's a nice classy, accessory that basically gets you to workout more! Or helps you record the current workouts that you do! And so much more!




Features for the Fitbit Charge 2:


  • Records your heart rate with PurePulse Heart Rate
  • Cardio Fitness Level 
    • You can get an understanding of your current fitness level and focus in on how to approve it.
  • All-Day Activity Tracking
    • Tracks steps, heart rate, distance, steps, floors climbed & hourly activity.
  • Auto Sleep Tracking & Silent Alarm
    • This is my favorite part! It tracks your sleep patterns each night, showing you how many times you wake up throughout the night.
    • The silent alarm is a vibration on your wrist which is much more pleasant than any sound alarm. 
  • Interchangeable Bands
    • Switch up the look with different colors and styles of the Fitbit Charge 2.


Muscle Roller


A muscle roller is a MUST HAVE for any fitness junkie. I own a couple of different kinds and my all time favorite is the larger roller with ridges. It massages deep into your muscles and really does the trick. 

Water Bottle


A new water bottle is one of the best gifts for a fitness lover because you can never have too many! Buy them one of these fancy new vacuum insutlated types of water bottles or fill it with their favorite candy and throw it in their stocking!


Earbuds | Headphones


We all know how important having proper headphones are while at the gym/out for a run. Sometimes, good music is the only thing that keeps my workout going so treat the fitness junkie in your life to some good quality earbuds or headphones!


Yoga Mat | Yoga Towel


Yoga mats are a great Christmas present because if you know a yogi, you know that these are collectibles. Same with yoga towels! It is better to have more than one! Grow your yogi's collection or spread the yoga love to someone interested. If your feeling like making it super special, get them a punch pass to their favorite yoga studio and hide it in the rolled up yoga mat for a sweet surprise!

 |  Health & Fitness Must Have Stocking Stuffers!|


These are smaller, healthy items that any health conscious person will seriously appreciate! Give the gift of HEALTH & HAPPINESS this Holiday season! 





Activated Charcoal


This amazing product is known to pull the toxins right out from your system. It also works as a face mask to completely clear your pores and it works as a strong teeth whitener. It is a magical, all-natural powder that is extremely good for detoxifying and cleansing your system.


All Natural Body Scrub


This gift can be for anyone and everyone. We all shower (I hope) so let's give the gift of smelling amazing, and feeling amazing with an all-natural body scrub. These are all made from natural ingredients that will leave your skin smooth and luscious! 

Bath Bombs 


A steamy hot bath is crucial to those in the fitness world. Suprise your gym rat with some marvelous bath bombs! These babies aren't only beautiful to look at, but they create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing bubble bath. Perfect gift if you ask me! 

Maca Powder


This powder is an amazing stocking stuffer because it is so versatile. Your gift reciever can throw it into any food or dish for a large amount of added health benefits.

Throw this superfood into your smoothie, oatmeal, whatever you want for added health benefits such as:


  • Hormone balance 
  • Increase energy levels
  • Extremely high in calcium
  • Extremely nutrient dense
  • Fights chronic fatigue 


That is all!



I hope that this gift guide has been helpful for you! All of these opinions are my own, I would personally purchase each of these items myself (lots of them I already have). Keep in mind that some of these products are affiliate links so if you are to purchase one of them I do receive a small commission which helps my blog grow. Thank you for the support!

Happy Holidays, Friends!






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