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How To Kick The Winter Blues

How To Kick The Winter Blues

Days are shorter, it's colder outside, and sometimes we don't even get a chance to see the sun.



It is perfectly normal to fall into a winter rut where you feel unmotivated, groggy, lazy or sluggish. I am going to give you my advice on how to get yourself out of that negative state of mind and how to avoid it if it happens again.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and you should seek help from a friend or your doctor if you have serious symptoms of depression.


Tip #1: Become Aware


Notice how you are feeling. Chances are you won't have any motivation to get out of bed. Usually what I find is that my mind only focuses on negative thoughts and I can very easily spend days not caring if I do anything at all. If you have to go to work or school it will seem like an impossible task. You will usually find a way out of it or suffer through it when normally you would enjoy your day. Once you can tell yourself "I'm in a rut" be sure to know that it is temporary and you can get out of it. It's normal and it happens to most of us, some more often than others.


Tip #2: Ask Yourself Why


Now that you are aware of your bad mood, ask yourself why you might be feeling this way? Did someone say something rude that you subconsciously remember and it triggered you? Have you only been eating junk without any exercise for a few days straight? Has there been any interesting change in your life lately? If not, maybe are you just bored? Have you been sleeping? Have you been sleeping too much? There can one big reason or ten different ones, find out what they are and be at peace with it. This time in your life will not last forever and you can avoid falling into future ruts a lot faster if you know what starts it.


Tip #3: Give Yourself One Goal


If you don't want to get out of bed at all and are fighting as much as you can to do anything that day, give yourself only one goal. It can be to take a shower. It can be to take the dog for a walk around the block. It can be to get groceries that you have needed to get for five days now. Make sure that it is something you would need to do on any regular day. It shouldn't be that difficult, but it should get you moving a little bit. Personally, sometimes all I need is fresh air. Once I can get moving, preferably outside, it is easier to clear the fog in my mind.


Tip #4: Positive Mindset


This is so important. Once you have become aware of your state of mind, figured out what might be triggering it, and giving yourself some kind of "easy" task, begin to notice your thought process. Some relatable examples: "I feel like I've gained ten pounds from lying here all day why would I try to get up now?" "I've already slept through half the day, what's the point of getting up now?" "I am so stressed about this upcoming event I just want to avoid thinking about it so I'll hide away in all of my blankets until tomorrow." This is usually what your mind might be telling you. Now let's kill those deceiving thoughts, shall we?

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Take 10 more deep breathes.
  3. Get out of bed, and then make it.
  4. Make yourself a coffee or tea.
  5. While it's brewing, chug water.
  6. Keep drinking the water all day.
    • If you have been overeating it is 99% possible that you are just dehydrated so start drinking water and keep a bottle with you all day.
  7. Do some form of exercise.
    • Keep it simple, a quick stretch in your room, find a fitness video on youtube for free, take a walk around the block just to get the fresh air.
  8. Tell yourself: This is temporary. I am stronger than this negative cloud that is over me during this time in my life. I am EXCITED to find my routine again, and start working towards my goals.
  9. Do the task you planned for yourself.
  10. Write down how you have been feeling and how you feel after you get a little bit more productive.
    • Just jot down quick notes in a journal, this will help you in the future if you begin to fall into another rut.


Tip #5: Look Forward to Something


Whether it's an upcoming trip you're planning or whats for lunch tomorrow, get excited about something in the near future. This always helps me get back on track because when you think about it, your mind is in a positive mindset. If you don't think you have anything worth getting excited over then make a plan! Prepare your favorite thing for lunch for the next day. Call your best friend and make movie plans. Figure out what your next purchase will be with your saved money. Schedule a hair appointment to dye it a different color. Anything that will spark some kind of excitement for you.


Tip #6: Make a Change


One of the best tips that I find helpful is to make some kind of change. You can switch up your everyday morning routine, like try to get up a little bit earlier to meditate for five minutes before you begin your day. Switch up your breakfast and make something healthier. You can even change how your room looks. Changing the layout of your furniture sounds simple but it can be fun for you and a change of environment can help your productivity and mindset. Go to a store or restaurant you've heard about but never been to. Explore and try new things. It can be small and simple, or a big change! Maybe you need to quit your job and start working towards the career field you actually want. Depending on where you're at in your life, the change will differ. Find out what it is that you need. Seek the appropriate help and advice when necessary.



I could have easily said that you need to eat healthier and exercise which is what I found when I looked up this topic on the internet. That doesn't solve problems. It is fine advice and I do agree with that but you can do that after you figure out how to beat the winter blues to better yourself and help yourself or even others in the future.

I really hope that this helped anyone who needed it. We all go through some type of suffering from winter blues or just from falling into a rut so if you know anyone that needs to hear these tips, please share it with them!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me, you can e-mail me on the home page.




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