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Lifestyle & Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Lifestyle & Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide


give the gift of home beauty to the ones you love this holiday season! 



All of these gifts are through Amazon links. I love getting my shopping done on because they deliver fast and have everything you need for extremely good prices!


Happy shopping!





Heated Blanket


These are awesome Christmas presents! They are perfect for the winter season because you just plug it in and turn up the heat!  It is so exciting to not only get a super soft and cozy blanket but one that actually heats up! I got one of these as a Christmas gift one year and it is amazing! Give the gift of warmth this year!


Festive Couch Pillow Covers


To pair nicely with the heated blanket, purchase some super cheap festive couch pillow covers! Make sure that you find ones that match the persons' current home decor (and are the correct size, usually 18x18 or 20x20)! They will be able to bring these beautiful covers out each holiday season to put over their current couch pillows to easily add some festive decor.


Rustic Bathroom Decor


I personally love a cozy bathroom! It can make all the difference in a home. Just think about it... as a guest in someone's home, when you first use the bathroom and see that it is beautifully decorated, smells oddly nice and makes you want to take your time, it sets the tone for your visit! Bathroom coziness is crucial! No better time to help someone cozy-up their bathroom other than the holidays!


Funny Bathroom Decor


Give the gift of laughter as well as some cute bathroom decor! Here are a few cheesy ideas to make someone smile but also give them something for their bathroom! 




Plants/plant pots are amazing gifts for those that love some greenery in their home. Depending on their home style, you can give them hanging plants, wall plants, or classic table plants. Real or fake, plants add so much to a home. 




I personally love getting/giving lights as gifts. You can put these in any room that needs the extra brightness. The lighting sets the mood in a home and can give it that extra comfort and coziness during the cold winter season. Find the right lights here!


For The Walls


Give someone some extra wall flair with these amazing and easy to use peel on and off "brick" decorations! These are beautiful, they look like real bricks! Get some for someone's kitchen or anywhere in the house for super good prices!



You can't go wrong with a new mat for the front door! It is the first thing that guests see when they come over for a fun holiday gathering! Depending on who you are buying for, you can give them a funny one, one that really speaks their personality or one that is beautiful to look at so much so that you won't want to wipe your shoes on it! Find the perfect one here. 




That is all!


All opinions are my own for this holiday gift guide! These are affiliate links which means that if you purchase something from these links I do receive a small commission which will help me grow this blog! Thanks for the support!


Happy Holidays!




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