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Spring Wish List

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Spring is in the air!



As a lover of change and new beginnings, I am taking this opportunity to create a Spring Wish List!


In preparation for March quickly approaching I created a wish list of some goodies I have had my eyes on lately. It is so fun to spice up your life when the months change and it's even better when you can find some bomb deals on your favorites!


I love making wish lists for both material and non-material things because there are so many benefits! If you are usually undecided about what you want, don't want to spend money on shopping-list items, don't know what to ask for your Birthday coming up and so on… Keep on reading!


Having a clear idea in your mind of things you desire will help you get what you want! You can simply make a list, go out and buy it but

that isn't always the best idea for us budgeters/savers. It's better to make a list or look at pictures of the item daily. Over time you will decide what is worth the money and what isn't, saving you from mindlessly spending.

Wish lists are also super helpful in the fact that maybe your birthday is coming up and you have no idea of what you want. If you are anything like me this might give you some ideas.


So anyways let us move on to the goods!!



My Spring Wish List 2018



Beauty & Body


For your teeth:


Natural Teeth Whitening Powder - Made with Activated Coconut Charcoal - for Sensitive Teeth and Healthy Whitener.

It's never a bad idea to try and whiten your teeth so I have been scoping out different natural ways to do so! I would love to try this stuff. This one particularly comes with a Bamboo toothbrush which I have also wanted for quite some time! Only $20.00!!

For your hair:


Wooden Hair Brush. I love wooden hair brushes! They pull fewer strands from my hair and I like to make all of my accessories match (because I'm extra whatever) and I love Bamboo accessories. Once there are only three rubber ends on the bristles of your hairbrush, it is time for a new one!! 

For your face:


Back to the activated charcoal. This stuff is seriously amazing. I love creating DIY masks with ingredients found in my kitchen, but for a POWERFUL mask, this is your go to. I would love to get my hands on this stuff and let it work its magic. IN LOVE. 

Summer Prep



For your skin:

Sunbum sunscreen. I LOVE Sunbum products. Cruelty-free, vegan, natural ingredients and this stuff really works. In preparation for my summer adventures, I need to start stocking up on their awesome products. Not sponsored! Just seriously love this stuff. It smells incredible and makes your skin so silky and smooth. As much as I love a good, glowy suntan, it is so important to protect your skin! You can still get a beautiful tan with a light SPF sunscreen. 

For your hair:


Leave-In conditioner. Sunbum is great, their leave-in conditioner is even greater. I plan on going on some long road trips this summer so this might mean going a few days without a good hair wash. So that means I need a handy leave-in conditioner that makes my hair lush! This is my GO TO!

For your lips:


This is my ALL TIME favorite lip balm. It keeps your lips so soft and smooth, and it tastes amazing! My personal favorite flavor is the mango! It also contains 30 SPF which is a MUST for me. My lips actually do burn when they get to much sun and it is horrible. It never happens when I apply this stuff on the daily. 



Bedroom Décor


Essential Oil Diffuser:


I have been checking these out for a couple of months now. I am dreaming about putting my favorite essential oil scents into this and creating a zen space in my home. Soon enough I will get my hands on this because it is at the top of my list. So so so in love.


String lights:


Can never have too many! These bring good vibes and magic to any and all rooms.I would love to have string bedroom lights to swap out my current Christmas lights all over my bedroom walls!

Electronics / Accessories


MacBook Case:


As a social media type of person, I love when my electronics look stunning. Which is why I am in love with this laptop case and keyboard cover. I have been drooling over this (left) for so long. This is an amazing deal so if you have also been looking for insanely stunning cases for your electronic possessions you are so welcome.

This one is to die for. Little more pricey but like come onnnnn it's gorgeous.

iPhone 8 Case:


Sold because:

a.) pineapple b.) marble c.) 10 freaking dollars?!

Kitchen / Food Accessories



Grocery bags:


If you don't already, start bringing reusable grocery bags to the store... every time! Purchase some cute totes like these and use them for every trip you take. There is absolutely no reason to continue to waste and throw away so many plastic bags. Leave these reusable bags in your car or folded in your everyday bag. Make it a habit! Take care of your home (the environment) change starts with you!!



Coconut bowls:


I have had my eye on these babies for FOREVER. They are stunning, I love them so much. I want these along with matching, dark-coated wooden kitchen utensils, and a marble cutting board. #goals

Glass Tupperware:


I love meal prepping and it's just so much better with a good set of Tupperware! Microwave safe, made of glass so no waste, oven safe, dishwasher safe, 5 containers for every day of the week!


 I hope you liked my spring wish list!

I genuinely want and would recommend all of these products to anyone who is interested in them. I know the brands and how amazing they are and I would only ever recommend vegan, environment-friendly, safe, reliable products to you guys!

Let me know what is on your wish list below. I would love to hear!




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