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Study Guide for the Stress-Free Student

Study Guide for the Stress-Free Student



Fellow University & College students this one is for you! Even high schoolers! Or even if you just need to study for anything in general, I hope this guide will help you!


It is currently midterm time. I am wishing you all the best and I hope you consider using these tips when you begin to study for final season!


I call this The Study Guide for the Stress-Free Students because studying should NOT be stressful. Sure it can get a little bit overwhelming sometimes. That isn't the point and that will create a negative mindset for yourself which will not help you achieve results you want in your academics.




"Study smart, not hard".


It's unnecessary to sit down for 3 hours with open books, tons of distractions, mindlessly reading through random chapters hoping that you magically absorb the information. I am going to tell you how to study smart. Way less time being wasted, and you will see some real results!


How to avoid getting stressed out:


Start EARLY.


You've heard it before and it just hasn't been something that works for you. Why? Because of Netflix, social life, present moment tasks that need to be done first, and of course, procrastinating.


Start studying a MONTH before the test. Sounds like a lot of time right? That means you only need to study for about 10-20 minutes a day, which ultimately really isn't that much. Keep in mind that this also depends on the subject and your current study habits. This is just what I like to do that works for me!




I make 3-5 Q-cards.

I begin with important definitions/facts that I learned about at the beginning of the course.

Do not start in the middle or what you think might be important. Keep a sticky note in the textbook or your notes to follow along with every day so you don't get lost.


You'll start to build up a lot of Q-cards and each weekend take a good amount of time to go over them. You'll begin to memorize them and they will be engraved in your mind by the time the test comes around.


There is no need to stress or worry as the test gets closer because you will already be so familiar with all of the terms and information. That is if you remember to go over all of the cards when you have time.

The more you keep up with the cards, the easier your life will be.


Sometimes it's best to only write 3 cards because you can memorize them right then and there. You can take your time, repeat them to yourself and each time you revisit them, you won't have any issue knowing the information.


I like to wake up early in the morning to do all of my studying and productive work that sets me ahead. So this is when I'll make my cards! It's already done before my day gets started it's like I haven't even studied I just know everything already. Do this for yourself! Save your future stressed out self! You can incorporate the Q-cards into your regular study time when you do your homework before bed, or whenever is best. I personally think you should try doing this before your day begins so that it is done and it's not an extra task to add to your to-do list when your mind fills up during the day. 




Use the Pomodoro technique.


I'll touch on it briefly but you can learn about the Pomodoro Technique here:


The Pomodoro technique is basically where you force yourself to sit down, distraction-free for 25 minutes, smash out a ton of notes/reading/writing/whatever you need and then take a 5-minute break and do it again.


Put your phone on silent somewhere OUT OF SIGHT. Turn off the TV, if you need your computer, shut all of the unnecessary tabs down. Make sure you are sitting upright at a desk, with your study session already ready. 

That is one of the biggest things before you start your timer (I use the app Focus Keeper) you need to have a plan!

Know exactly what you'll be working on so that when you begin, the whole 25 minutes is dedicated to your studying.


In the 5 minute break, stretch out a little bit, grab a drink and prepare your next session.

Take the time to relax your mind and take some deep breaths and you will be ready to go for your next session.


Committing to the structured schedule seriously helps you stay focused. 

Use this method (if possible, daily) a week before the test. Go over all of your notes you have not looked at in a little while, take extra notes on things you might have missed and make sure you can speed through your Q cards.


YOU ARE NOW SET UP FOR SUCCESS. With minimal effort, really.


The key point to remember:


When you dedicate time to studying, don't half-ass it. That is a major waste of time and that is why students get so stressed about studying because we think it is going to consume all of our time and we don't even remember half of the information.




Take your time, start really early, be fully present and committed to your study time.


10-20 minutes each morning to make Q-cards or write notes, memorize them as much as possible within that time and review and memorize over the weekend when you have more time.


Use the Pomodoro technique once you get closer to the test. Dedicate 25 minutes to study sessions, distraction-free. Take 5-minute breaks to fully, FULLY relax and chill. Our minds need breaks to work at 100% when needed.


I hope that this information was useful to you!!

Happy studying!!










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