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Meet – Two Blonde Moments | Karlee & Kristen

I want to introduce you to my amazing, beautiful and inspiring friend who I had the privilege to live with during my first year in Vancouver BC - Kristen!

Kristen and I have a ton in common! We are both from small towns in Alberta, we both have a passion for health & fitness, and we both love to BLOG!



Kristen & I at our downtown student housing apartment during Spring 2017!



Kristen started a blog with her equally incredible sister, Karlee! This pair works together so well and they have made a beautiful site by the name of Two Blonde Moments. Let's get to know them, shall we?


Introducing Two Blonde Moments | Karlee & Kristen 


"Kristen...As a young woman coming from a city in Alberta with a small town vibe to living downtown Vancouver, BC too London, England, and now planting roots in Edmonton, AB - I have been faced with the opportunities to refine myself. Although it was very challenging at times, it was so rewarding. I've found my passion and I want to share that by providing trendy, natural, wholesome products, experiences and moments that women will LOVE and feel inspired by. 


Karlee...About every second weekend we are going somewhere! Josh and I just cannot seem to sit still. In the last two years and a few months, we have spent significant time in Lethbridge, Yorkton, Canmore, Camrose, Regina, Inuvik, Onion Lake and various other vacation destinations. I am still so in love with life and all its blessings, even through the busyness. 


We are Kristen and Karlee. We are sisters, both happy, motivated, passionate and excited entrepreneurs. We love to share our everyday lives with everyone, Some of our interests include Fashion, Styling, Oiling, Cooking/Baking recipes to travel, adventure, and sporting activities! 


We want to thrive in this world, by being present. We came up with this brilliant "blog about our lives idea" over the last few months when we've realized that we may never live in the same city again. Thus we want to keep track of our busy lives and write down the moments that make us, US.


We think we are really funny... so get ready for some quirky jokes. You’ll only get these jokes if you let loose and allow yourself to enjoy the moment and LAUGH. We are optimistic about life, and all it has to offer. We find humor in almost anything. We are different, yet very much the same. We are best friends. Oh, and we both have Josh's in our lives so that doesn't make it confusing at all. 


We strive in learning from others, teaching others, and making the most out of every situation. Currently, you will be taken along for the ride of Karlee traveling to New Zealand and Kristen Wedding Planning! Both super exciting events and we want to invite you on our journey. Whether it be good, bad or ugly were going to blog about it."


Visit and stay tuned for what life has to offer! 





This powerful duo have some pretty amazing adventures that you DO NOT want to miss! Keep up with Karlee & Kristen on their personal blog to see how two boss ladies kill it in the real world. You will not be disappointed.


I am so lucky that I have had the opportunity to live with Kristen for the short amount of time that it was. Her energy is infectious, her motivation for all of the valuable things in her life is extremely inspiring & I am so happy I get to watch her blossom & thrive!

I wish I got to know Karlee a little bit more personally but from what I do know is that she has the same insanely infectious energy as her sister. This is why these two work so well together. So motivated, so positive, and they have an eye for the beautiful things in life.





Kristen Joy

Karlee Ann

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